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Join your hosts at American Tractor, as they scour the countrysides, cities and junkyards for vintage Ford tractors, their parts, pieces and assorted paraphernalia! With adventures galore, who in their right mind wouldn't think that this is just about the most fun on earth... that is still legal!? American Tractor keeps adding to its inventory. This past year welcomed that ever elusive Ford 8N into the fold, and most recently a 1956 Ford 650 with that wonderful yet crazy 5 speed transmission. Do you need to know the "secret handshake" to shift gears? Perhaps.... but that makes it all the more special! Just think how impressive it can be when someone comes up to you and asks, "Is that your 5 speed shifter or are you just happy to see me?". Yes folks it DOES pop straight up, just like 'ole Henry said it would!
a red-belly enthusiasts site - a real life, electronic reality show, NOT seen on TV....  but just about as much cursing, swearing and tool throwing as our counterparts on Discovery
in search of historic tin