jubileetrailerThe Jubilee project was one of our first “mis-adventures” into tractor restoration. This particular tractor was rescued from a life of ill-use, and has retired to our shop for a complete restoration. Having spent many of its years with an oversized loader, the abuse to this poor derilect was intense.

“I knew this tractor had been abused when I arrived with the trailer to pick it up. Its owner said that his family had become so attached to it, that his 10 year old son wanted to take it for one final ride. The child mounted the beast, then reved it like a Formula 1 car and tore around the field hitting several tree stumps as his family cheered him on.”

Old Pete going down the road

Jubilee parts in the shop

jubileenakedWhen we got the tractor home, it was decided that it would be in our best interest to take it for a hot lap ourselves, so Old Pete fired it up and took off up the road. We waited with crossed fingers for his return. Soon thereafter, his smiling face showed back up at the shop with the thumbs up that the tractor in fact did everything it was supposed to do. This was a bonus to know everything worked, except 3rd gear, prior to the disassembly of the antiquated piece of history for its restoration.

Slowly, and piece by piece, the Jubilee was stripped of its outter shell, exposing its skeletal spine which just screamed “save me”.

After pressure washing, we put it away for the winter and concentrated on making some money to carry on with this particular project. The Jubilee is a grand tractor…. but not the only one under the roof.

“I thought it needed a new proof-meter cable, but it was decided that proof of life had priority.”


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