Five Alarm Thanksgiving

I never did chronicle the joys of Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. Now Christmas has come and gone and I have to play catch-up.

As usual, Uncle Golden was late because he had misplaced his teeth and we all know that he’s less fun around a table full of food if he’s just looking. When he finally did show up, he also brought the turkey deep fryer because he said he got it on sale at “Astors Hardware”… a place I’d never even heard of.

Well the dogs were barking and got locked up so they wouldn’t get burned and when the turkey appeared, so did the fryer and the ignition source.

The meal was a little overcooked and we had to just bury the mess…. but the cornbread was good. None of us made eye contact until the Lawrence Welk VHS tapes were brought out. That and the Fireball Whiskey.

iphoneLori 1031
Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a fire extinguisher and a shovel




Not A Creature Was Stirring…

Not even THIS mouse. Went into050 the shop this afternoon to see what the trap-line had for me and lo and behold…. something that must’ve weighed 5 pounds. Snapped so hard it flipped over and nearly cracked the concrete floor. Even soiled itself.

In other news, I was thrilled to get a signed photo that I’ll make sure I post a picture of soon. It helps to have friends in high places. Stay tuned….