Five Alarm Thanksgiving

I never did chronicle the joys of Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. Now Christmas has come and gone and I have to play catch-up. As usual, Uncle Golden was late because he had misplaced his teeth and we all know that he’s less fun around a table full of food if he’s just looking. When […]


Not A Creature Was Stirring…

Not even THIS mouse. Went into the shop this afternoon to see what the trap-line had for me and lo and behold…. something that must’ve weighed 5 pounds. Snapped so hard it flipped over and nearly cracked the concrete floor. Even soiled itself. In other news, I was thrilled to get a signed photo that […]

Christmas recitation

as I sit here on this Christmas eve reciting this blog onto the iPhone I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and I hope this turns out without bad spelling

American Tractor Visits Worthington Military Museum

A rainy day in May is a good time to go on a road trip! Too wet to sandblast and bugs were unbearable. We decided to visit the Military museum at CFB Borden. The purpose was to visit the Worthington Tank Museum. Why the tank museum? I had heard that a lot of tractor parts […]

Episode 5: Rantoul Or Bust!

Old Pete had a long winter…watching old tractor show reruns on RFD TV all winter (when nothing happens at American -Tractor except blow snow) and listening to Max Armstrong talk about the the century rust show Rantoul burnt a new program into Pete’s EPROM. The final straw was when the The Ford/Fordson Collectors Association Inc […]

Episode 4: A Chicken In Every Pot

Most of us have grown up hearing stories from our elders about how they had to walk to school, uphill both ways and in blizzard conditions to boot. Well, this episode of American Tractor pretty much has that same storyline, except it involves the official truck of American Tractor, the GMC Sierra, driving straight up […]

Episode 3: 1946 2N – Serial 9N237092

This acquisition arrived at the American Tractor shop in early February 2004. Prior to its purchase, our crew had been advised that the unit was running and had been used for snow removal. Its usefulness to its owner came to an end and it was time for it to go. So, a trip to central […]

Episode 2: 1953 Ford Jubilee – Serial NAA114723<>

The Jubilee project was one of our first “mis-adventures” into tractor restoration. This particular tractor was rescued from a life of ill-use, and has retired to our shop for a complete restoration. Having spent many of its years with an oversized loader, the abuse to this poor derilect was intense. “I knew this tractor had […]